Invent Upshot, Audit Network Remotely
 Invent Upshot, Audit Network Hardware & Software without Agent

Invent Upshot is a perfect and versatile tool that audit network and discover computers & servers, identify hardware & software and perfom remote commands. It adapts instantly, without modification, to the connected network with the ability to manage a single PC to several home & corporate networks in minutes (hard wired or wireless).
Our standalone audit network tool requires no change in the networks, no dedicated equipment, no database greedy of resources, zero user intervention and can be hosted on a fixed computer, a laptop or a server.
The home users, the administrators and more particularly the IT services companies and the management service providers (MSP) can easily see its high portability, its weak influence on a network, its aptness to analyze the collected data and its capacity to manage several networks as a decisive advantage!

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Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More…


[INV] Interface

The main interface displays the multi-levels networks treeview (organizations, domains, workgroups, off-line groups, localizations, servers, computers & shared resources), the inventories state & details (hardware, software, process & services) grid and the comparative of selected assets (lists & charts).

Invent Upshot Is Greatly Appreciated, Here Is The Proof …

The network administrators among you looking for a dedicated utility to manage their connected computers might be interested in the solution presented here, called Invent Upshot. With Invent Upshot you have a lightweight standalone product not only capable of remotely gathering information, but also offering the tools for analyzing the collected data. So, if interested in finding out more about this versatile and feature-rich application, consider proceeding to the download.
Philippe, WinPortal
Invent Upshot can display detailed hardware information regarding each computer connected to a network. Besides that, it can display statistics and reports regarding each computer’s hardware performance. Each report can display the performance of each computer’s hardware performance, allowing the user to clearly see what components need replacing and which don’t. Furthermore, the reports and hardware information can be saved as a file, to be analyzed later on.
Jerome, FindMySoft
Invent Upshot est un utilitaire pour organiser et gérer un réseau d’ordinateurs. Avec Invent Upshot vous pouvez obtenir des informations sur les ordinateurs connectés à un même réseau (matériel et logiciels installés). Les Plus : Recherche de nouveaux réseaux, Informations complètes sur chaque PC connecté, Fonction Ping, Rapports exportables en différents formats, Inventaire des PC connectés…
Alan, Softonic

Invent Upshot’s Pricing Tables For Your Business

Managed Nodes Per Node Price Select
Up to 10 Nodes € 2.90 € 29.00
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Up to 25 Nodes € 1.84 € 46.00
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Up to 50 Nodes € 1.78 € 89.00
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Up to 75 Nodes € 1.76 € 132.00
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Up to 100 nodes € 1.74 € 174.00
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Up to 150 nodes € 1.46 € 219.00
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Up to 200 nodes € 1.32 € 264.00
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Up to 300 nodes € 1.03 € 309.00
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Up to 400 nodes € 0.88 € 352.00
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Up to 500 nodes € 0.80 € 400.00
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Unlimited nodes (MSP License) N/A € 640.00
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